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~ by dvoatheist on August 7, 2009.

7 Responses to “Epicurus”

  1. just a few days ago I gave up believing. All my life I thought I was all under his protection, love, care, bla bla bla. They say that everything happens for a reason. But I should have known better and should have realized sooner. Now I feel better and it gets better. You can be good without what they call god. I feel better without the thing they call god. No hooks, no catch.

    Now I stumbled across your blog trying to find some news back home about ampatuan’s mannsions in davao city. And take note my search keywords are the same: “ampatuan mansions davao”… What are the chances? hahaha! I’ll be visiting this blog more often.

    Thanks for writing.

  2. We do good because we know that it is the right thing to do, not because we are terrorized by a god or the concept of hell.

    This Ampatuan massacre is such a dastardly act that it has blown peoples minds, literally and figuratively. How can human beings be capable of doing such evil to others? What we have seen is Mindanao’s version of the Jews’ Holocaust or Cambodia’s Killing Fields. This is what happens when you mix religion, politics, corruption and greed. As for PGMA’s situation, her recipe is 3 out of the 4 aforementioned ingredients. The coldblooded killers should pay, but I am not holding my breath.

    Thank you also for dropping by and I’ll be seeing you around.

  3. All I know is i dislike to kill. Not because it is wrong. But there are other ways to solve issues than killing. And killing is opposite of the only logical reason of being alive. So let us not defy reason! If someone kills then there is no more reason. Life is here with a reason. But that does not necessarily mean I believe in what they call god and that god is the reason. Who invented reason then? god. who created god then? (-no answer-) … but there is reason.

    The reason is that my body chemistry likes to do what they call ‘love’ because i feel what they call ‘alive’. Being alive is the only logical reason. So why kill? Why not just love and be alive? It may not be right but it is definitely not wrong in the context of this very same reason.

    So we do ‘good’ because the reason is logical. To be alive. Everything else follows in place. Else, there is no reason.

    Why let someone control our lives let alone believing in a magna-mythical being who does not even show up by ‘himself’ and do ‘good’ to living and non-living reasons.

    my context of evil – is no reason.
    my context of good – is reason itself.

    All I know is we are here for a reason. Even what they call god is here for the same reason. So between god and reason? I choose reason.

  4. Such a great exposition you have there and i concur with your views.

    I find it bewildering that a lot of people like many pinoys believe in that zombie jesus preaching them to eat his flesh and drink his blood. Where did all their common sense go? i guess it is very hard to break free from centuries of them sunday brainwashing sessions.

    Even though I think they are mistaken in their religious beliefs, I shall respect their choice as long as they also respect my choice of unbelief.

  5. Hello there I just stumbled across your blog because you added me on twitter. I’m also an atheist from Davao. I haven’t written any of my reflections on atheism, but I’ve managed to collect information and philosophical logic that buttresses “non-belief”. I must say, thank you for inspiring me to write about it one of these days. I hope you can contact me so we can collaborate on future articles that I might produce in this intellectual pursuit so dear to me. I’ll leave my e-mail and URL.

  6. Wait, as it turns out you’ve been linked by Davao Times and they followed me on twitter. That’s where I got your link. I heard this quote by Epicurus in a BBC 3-part documentary entitled “History of disbelief”. (I wish there was some way I could share these atheist resources over the web or elsewhere.) I think the syllogistic view of Epicurus is really an early form of agnosticism (what could be, what could not be). And the argument is fundamentally based on the amorphous description of a “god”, that is protector from evil, compassionate, WILLING and so forth. I feel that the argument lacks the attack on this “likeness of image”, as though the skies had eyes and had feelings too. I wonder, will people ever realize how indifferent mother nature and the vast universe is to this blimp of an existence called human life?

  7. It looks like the Davao Times Twitter account has a link to this blog somehow and i don’t mind.

    Centuries of brainwashing is so hard to undo, and probabaly undoable to a lot of the believers.

    Hey Kim, you’ve got gmail

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